Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sleep, sleep, sleep

sleep solutions to try on

  • don't sleep in on weekends, it will throw off your schedule
  • limit your afternoon naps to 1 hour only
  • don't exercise just before bedtime, it can keep you revved up for hours
  • don't drink liquor. it may doze you off but will not guarantee good night's sleep
  • don't go to bed either hungry or stuffed

  • don't take sleeping pills, overuse may worsen your insomnia

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don't sleep on these strong points because these

may help you loosen up from your sleep chains.
try and see how these solutions can help you. but until then, sweet dreams!

laugh with god today: good sleep, good mood, good life


  1. Thanks.... i do suffer with insomnia, but it's not as bad as it used to be. Minsan talaga umaatake na lang kahit walang nagtitrigger...=(

  2. @ kalokang pinay - pag super pagod ka siguro..goodthing minsan lang sya. thanks for droppin by =)

  3. Great advice. Thanks for helping us.