Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my blog's on FIRE

thanks to spanish pinay and michi photostory for  this, here's an additional info bout your sissy

1. i am an only child
2. i was born on Friday the 13th
3. i am a menopausal baby
4. i like children
5. i love family bonding
6. i am a nature lover
7. i enjoy sweets a lot
8. i 'm a frustrated piano player
9.  i love online shoppin
10. i love online selling too -


  1. I enjoy sweets a lot too! By the way thanks for following my blog. Followed too!

  2. hi anney, i just love your blogs! thanks for droppin by

  3. what interesting facts! hmmm, i've got a sweet tooth too! & online shopping is the way forward for me most def! but ive yet to try selling =) ❤

  4. @ kristeta - try it if you have free time. lalo na pag sale jan, patok sa pinoy yun. sell it at multiply

  5. you're like one of my sisters... she was also born on a friday the 13th... then after 3 days, the big earthquake! and then I have a brother (onlye one) who's a menopausal baby too :-D I love sweets too.. then after eating sweets, I'd crave for something salty.. then back to sweets...a vicious cycle, I tell you!

    and yeah!!! you're blog is on fire! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  6. @ spanish pinay -hahahah! we're lucky peeps of Friday the 13th . thanks!

  7. Im a frustrated PIANO player too! Though I knew a little. hehe...