Friday, August 5, 2011

child-proof your home

alec at 6months  -  2005

we're always busy,from the timew we get up in the morning until we lay down at night. we barely have time to relax. sometimes in the middle of a busy day we suddenly begin to worry about our little ones we left at home. kids, they are the main reasons why we should keep our homes accident free. here are some suggestions on how to maintain it safely and worry-free:

  • store all breakables ( glass , ceramics) out of children's reach
  • do not put jars or bowls of cookies, candies and other muchies where small children can get them easily. they may choke on them or insert it to their nose or ears
  • plug -up unused outlets , there are fancy-cover available in hardware stores
  • store toxic substances like medicines and cleaning supplies out of their sight
  • put matches, lighters, candles in their proper places immediately after use
  • put away toys that requires instruction in safe handling
  • do not leave sharp materials on top of the tables where kids can easily grab them
  • keep stairways and corridors well-lighted and clotter free
  • cover electric wire and cords for a safer and organize rooms


  1. very useful! although sometimes no matter how much we child-proof our home, there are still little accidents around. But what's important is to avoid bigger and more serious accidents :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. @ spanish pinay - you're right, kids are careless sometimes so we have to prevent it.

  3. Some very good suggestions and I saw things that I did not know were available. Thanks.