Thursday, August 4, 2011

school year resolution as a parents

we parents want to give our children the best education possible. we take this side of parenting as a serious business. our children's future is a matter we just can't shrug off our shoulders. we don't want to end up blaming we? so we would like to share our resoulutions to help keep our childrens education on track

    we will attend school meeting and other activities
  2. we will familiarize ourselves with the school policies
  3. we will spend quality time with our children
  4. we will not compund on our children's problems by nagging
  5. we will limit the number of hours watching televisions
  6. we will encourage them to get involved in worthwhile hobbies and school clubs
  7. we won't expect our children to excel in all subjects
    we won't lavish our children with  too much attention
  9. we will follow up our children's performance in school
  10. we will love what our children love


  1. what a great list! and what all parents should do for their kids =) ❤

    BTW sis, how can i send you an email?

  2. thanks sis - my email add is

  3. That is a wonderful list and a great picture too.

  4. hi odie , that's my hubbito - Alex. thanks!

  5. Good one, lelay. I agree on all except for one that might be kind of in a gray area. I really do think that there's no such thing as "too much" attention for our kids... kids can use all the attention they can get from the parents. But hey, each one has their own style of parenting right? :)

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