Sunday, August 7, 2011

final fling before the ring

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride to be in anticipation of her wedding . It's been a year since  I  threw a surprise bridal shower party to my bestfriend. I prepared super naughty games that made everyone shout and laugh out loud =) . Held the evening party at their resort ( goodthing the cctv camera was off  that time ) .
 I even hired a hunk to dance over her. ( oppss..the pictures of these are prohibited  * wink *)
The guest brougt some silly gifts too. Guests are chosen from among the bride's personal friends, family, and other well-wishers.


  1. Sounds like you girls had a blast! And I'm surprised the bride to be agreed to have photos taken! =)

  2. never experienced attending a bridal shower till now hahha...thanks for following my dear.!

  3. Post the hunk pics! ahahahaa. BTW, im your new follower

    The Cuisineuer

  4. wow! way to go with the party :)

    Reminded me of my silliness on these things. I once attended a bridal shower of a dear friend but I went home when the male dancer arrived and started you know, the fun. haha I'm so ridiculous like that... manang in the house! :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Your post reminds me of the bridal shower for my cousin recently lang. Kakatawa nga itsura ng cake nya e. triple x rated talaga! hahaha!