Wednesday, February 8, 2012

pick your cupid

grabbed from  kwatro kanto...HAPPY FEB- IBIG ( love month ) to all

Sunday, November 13, 2011

mowel fund plaza

Mowel fund is the only film museum in the Philippines. It reflects the history of film development in the last 100 years of cinema in the Philippines. It aims to collect, keep and preserve film artifacts and records on historical and current events in the movie industry. It aims to serve as a regular source of information and materials to researchers,  students, TV and film production staffers, journalists, media writers, and film enthusiasts.

gonuts donuts

2nd stop in our educational tour was Gonuts Donuts Factory,  The doughnuts of Go Nuts Donuts have been made almost in a similar style as those from Krispy Kreme. They're referred to as less sweet, but larger and last a longer period. The kids had a Magical Tour , a  guided 30-minute tour of the entire donut making process and afterwards they were given an activity to design their own donuts.

lucky me - noodles factory

My prep son  Alec,  had an educational tour last month. We had our first stop  at Monde Nissin which is the  famous noodle factory of Lucky Me. Cameras are not allowed inside the manufacturing area but parents and the kids are enable to saw how clean and modernize how the noodles were being processed. They also gave a briefing of  how it benefits to our body to ensure food safety and healthy eating.

my bestfriend's wedding day

Our Lady of Consolation Parish
Fernwood Gardens

Josiah's Catering
BA Studio
Event Coordinator -

Velvet Mood ( music)
Vet Lauzon ( emcee )
Adeb Bridal Cars
Casa Louise (pre-nup preps)
Bride's Dream for the gowns
Gervy's Cakes -
Leo dela Cruz- (make-up artist) -
Give-aways ( brought from USA & Dubai)

i'm back =)

i miss blogging as well as my online friends. i rest for a couple of weeks because of these reasons:

1. i undergo axillary mass surgery
2. so down with cough and flu after operation
3. work backlogs
4. kids' school and house errands
5. some extra- curricular activities

will be posting eventually and drop a visit in your sites from now on.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

lazer musical instruments

Lazer Musical Instruments has already 20 branches nationwide at SM malls. They have a whole month sale from
50-70% discounts on all items. So hurry, grab some good buys. Here's the link for you to choose from

blog away

do you sometimes have the feeling that you are alone even with your friends around? or get bored to death with the usual routine? well, life is not as bad as that. if yours is not fun enough, you could improve it by trying out new things instead of burying yourself in the sand. by doing things you haven't tried doing, going to new places and make new friends. YES, make new friends.

BLOG it out, its one of the simple things that make life less boring and more fun.less boring because when you blog, your cirle of friends won't be limited. you can share your countrys traditions and customs while you get to glimpse of another's lifestyle.

so do BLOG, who knows, the person you pick may need friends too and you can change her whole bleak pattern of living. make friends, make someone happy. share. go ahead. BLOG

star z - mom's birthday

the venue

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happy 75th birthday mommy!

teary-eyed celebrant

relatives were all in pink outfit

closer pic to old photos of Gloria Romero - ganda ng lola niyo =)

StarZ - a bar / restaurant owned by artist Angelika dela Cruz located in Malabon . The place was cozy and comfortable, the function room designed into year  60's -70's displayed a wide range  collections  of old artist photos in the old genre.  We celebrated there a surprise birthday party for Mom, since Angelika's father was one of the closest friend of her.. It was intimate, simple  thanksgiving mostly family and  close friends  are invited. Stay healthy Mommy, We thank God for having you. We love you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

metrodeal 's flower stories cafe

It was my first time to purchase dining offers at  Metrodeal and I was then astonish with Flower Story's
great deal of sumptous eat all you can offer for only php199 / usd5. In my excitement I created a blog regarding their cheapest dining offers. Comments came in and out,  good and  majority are not.

Probably, these eight (8) thousand people who purchased online tried to google and research for the place and they bump into my site. I learned that it was Flower Story's first strive with these such offers that's why they are still adapting. For upcoming fellow foodies, here's what we encounter.

We are welcome by Rose and Etang and assisted up to the buffet table . I also met Ms. Ynah, she's one of the Top Management by Flower Story whose observing / accepting  our comments and suggestions to satisfy the clients. here's the link

foods -  were served hot and time to time are being replaced. There is a server to help you but will ask if the quantity you want was enough. You can go back up to your fullest =)

ambiance - two areas opened at your own choice, air-conditioned or the veranda area.  washroom are well-lighted, clean  and complete with  toiletries

entertainment - live entertainer added to complete the mirthful of the night. you can request your favorite songs or mentioned what event you are celebrating about.
we are courteously assist  from the entrance up to our reserved table


waiters alertly serving ice tea and water

outlandish air-conditioned area

bizarro table underneath the skies

guest on a Friday night

my loving family

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Buttered Garlic  Crab
: 1/4 - 1/2 Kilo 120.00, 7 Grams - 1 Kilo 170.00

Saute with Oyster Sauce  Brocolli
: 1/4 - 1/2 Kilo 120.00, 7 Grams - 1 Kilo 170.00

Baked with Cheese Oyster
: 1/4 - 1/2 Kilo 120.00, 7 Grams - 1 Kilo 170.00

Grilled with Lemon Butter Sauce Lapu-lapu
: 7 Grams - 1 Kilo 170.00, 1/4 - 1/2 Kilo 120.00


A must see for the true foodie and market addict. A small gem of a market with stunning quality, this is a terrific place to purchase fresh seafoods. After buying at the market we went directly to Sisdang to choose from the cooking style that we want to do in our seafoods. Cooking service ranges by kilos of your seafoods,  it will be serve hot and yummy.

Sisdang was along Macapagal Blvd it is definitely beside the sea, and addresses the cleanliness, ambiance and parking issue. This place is perfect for the family or friends reunion and for those balikbayans wanting to treat the entire family (cheaply) and at the same time satisfying their craving for Filipino Food.

Sis Dang, San Miguel by the Bay
San Miguel by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-1952

smile =D

A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is rich or mighty that he can get along with and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it.

A at Pan Malayan Hotel - Miakka's Party

10 commandments for parents

" Good parents do not always produce good children, but devoted, dedicated, hard-working mothers and fathers can weigh the balance in favor of decency and moral character : It's up to us how we are going to lead them to the right path of life.  Here are some helpful tips guiding them :

    our inspirations
  1. Teach them, using God's word
  2. Tell them what's right and wrong
  3. See them as gifts from God
  4. Guide them in godly ways
  5. Discipline them
  6. Love them unconditionally
  7. Do not provoke them to wrath
  8. Earn their respects by example
  9. Provide for their needs
  10. Pass your faith along them

winning my bff

even at my early age of pre-schooler , i have experienced having a friend. a bestfriend is a treasure that you can keep forever, to laugh with, to cry the song goes. friendships are a matter of time. being with them makes our lives meaningful. a true friend likes you for your best and worst. she makes you strong in facing the trials and pray with you to thank God for graces. a bestfriend is the one we run to in times of troubles and problems, not only because she gives us solutions but because of the shoulder and sympathetic heart she shares. all of these completes the meaning of friendships.

happy birthday to my best friend forever