Saturday, August 27, 2011

hair waves

your crowning glory -  the secret of a head turner doesn't depend on " magic hands" not even on hair dressers. so here are  some dos and don'ts  that can promise surefire hit to your hair, any type, any day.

do - take a once every so often break from daily shampooing to give scalp's natural oil a chance to moisturize hair shafts.

do - gurad your hair against color changes due to salt, chlorine and copper found in swimming pools

do - remember to give your hair extra holding once in a while. gel, mousse and the like can do you good as long as you know when to put it.

don't - ever brush your hair when wet. your hair will tend to break and it can cause unwanted splitends

don't - always drt your hair with a blow dryer. if you can fan it dry, do it. blow drying is not advisable as it dries up your hair and it steals moisture and natural oils.

check if you have been committning these crimes to your crowning glory and correct yourself. these guidelines will help your hair become eye-stopping and head-turning. who doesn;t want that?


  1. and if you really need to blow dry your hair? End it with a cold air (if your dryer has this option)... this helps to lock in the oil that the hair generates while being blow dried with hot air :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. aww.. i brush my hair when its wet! yikes!

  3. @ lsp - yep cold dryer but its quite expensive here eh =)

    @ hana - better dry it muna sa fan

  4. Pag nag blower ako lagi cold air lang. Pero minsan lang yun.

  5. Thanks for these hair-care tips. Oftentimes, I'm too busy to look after my crowning glory.