Saturday, August 27, 2011


From the printing press canteen started by Salesian Italian missionary Fr. Gianluigi Colombo, Amici di Don Bosco Incorporated was established in 2001. The Italian canteen, which was first known for its home-made Italian gelato, became a popular choice of the general Makati public for value-for-money food. In 2003, pastas and wood fire oven-cooked pizzas were added to its roster of authentic Italian offerings.

tutta carne - php340

pollo arrostito - php280

Linguine Al Pesto Genovese Pasta - php205

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro Pasta - php 198

yummy gelatos

looking for good value for money places to dine - a mark which Amici has certainly made its name by.
a  variety of tomato, cream and olive oil based pasta , creamy gelato and different homemade breads,
you'll understand why so many people equate Amici with both authentic Italian cuisine and quality service.