Saturday, August 20, 2011

say it with LOVE

say it with flowers - that's what some flower shop commercials often suggest when you want to express something to somebody. but did you know that there is a better way to say things you want to say? i suggest....

for co-worker   - take time to listen to their woes, became a source of hope and inspiration
for a boss         - you can relate to your workers with phases like " hey, good work, keep it up"
as an employee - offer help to co-workers with overload works and tasks

sincerely, friendly words of love will surely turn a tedious day into a cheerful one, help dispel feelings of gloom and with constant use, establish camaraderie at the workplace


  1. Tama ka sis say it with love! Kesa manira o pagtsismisan ang katrabaho which is very common in a workplace.
    By the way may award nga pala ako sayo.

    One Lovely blog Award and Sunshine Award

  2. thanks for the award anney =)

  3. Hi Lelay! Pag di ka naka log in sa blogger ganun ang nangyayari. Papapiliin ka ng identity. Pero kung naka log in ka yung word verification na lang ang kailangan at automatic na mapo post ang comment mo.

  4. I could agree more since sa office lahat na yata kasama ma ko ay reklamador so i have mastered the number 1 "take time to listen to their woes, became a source of hope and inspiration"

    Master degree ko na yata 2! hahaha:)

    Life is good...kaya dapat more happiness lang:)

  5. Naku Lelay I could use this kapag nagteam building kami ah=) Haha!
    What a positive post & oh so true =)

  6. thanks everyone..hope i inspire all of you