Tuesday, July 19, 2011

when the going gets tough

the tough burst laughing?!! lol! think of the last time you laughed. think of the good that belly did for you more than lose body aches. didn't you know it was your much-needed workout? for one thing, laughter's tears eliminate harmful toxins from your body.second, your cardiovascular system is improved by the heart's pumping action, encouraging a healthy exchange of air in your lungs. and experts says that 20 percent of guffawing gives your heart the same workout as 3 minutes of rowing.
however, the advantage lies at your ability to laugh. why, to laugh ?  you don't need a special equipment, clothing or schedule..so, who says that the best thing in life are not free? some of us laugh at a punchline of a joke. but how many are ready to laugh at life's punches?

join with us, laugh with god today =)


  1. I love a good laugh and think the world is much too serious most of the time. Very good post girl.

  2. Such a simple post pero rock! :-D Luuuuuvvv it! I love laughing boisterously till my throat aches :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. @ odie - enjoy life, laugh it all out!

    @ spanish pinay - super thanks sistah, let me hear your laugh this coming december. visit pinas! xoxo!