Sunday, July 10, 2011

funky foam

we attended an animal  birthday themed party and i want to share these fabulous yet inexpensive funky foamed costumes. available in wonderful colours in both flat sheets and pre cut shapes. fantastic as a collage material or for decorating any arts and crafts projects. can be cut to any shape and warmed up then moulded to create fantastic 3D creative crafts. useful for both adults and kid crafts.

my online store offers a variety of  birthday give-aways made of funky foams. for customes we customize different designs. for more pictures kindly browse

i can laugh with god today : birthdays are so special as we get special wishes from family and friends


  1. Some really great stuff at your site. Hope you sell lots of them.

  2. @ odie - thanks for the compliments
    @ marcia b. - thanks for taking time to drop-by