Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lost days of youth

many teenagers today plunge into early marriages. in a way, it was somehow dissappointing how such kids are sent to schools and taught to live the right way and yet, in a snap throw away their youthful lives.
early marriages usually break apart rather early too. those young hearts need all the time to free, as they are too adventurous to be out in the world. but after some time, a feeeling of suffocation sets within the relatinship and then the marriage fails.
the days of the youth are the most exciting and most cherished. let our youth be the most memorable stage of life. never squander your teenage years.

i can laugh with god today :
please bless my wonderful sons, nieces and nephews to let their youthful years be fruitful.


  1. It is the same with friendships especially involving teens today. They can be best friends one day and won't even speak to each other the next. They have way too much drama in their young lives.

  2. I'm back bringing good news :) I got you something, so swing by my blog and check it out?

    =) I laughed with God today!

  3. amen! i've also tagged you on blog on fire award. hihi!