Thursday, July 28, 2011

nice to be back

i miss blogging but what i miss most was my online friends who keeps on sharing their thoughts and leaving sweet messages to my site. been busy these past few days, here's a list of what i did and will try to blog each one of them soon:

1. weekend getaway a acuatico beach in batangas
2. nutriquiz review for my eldest son
3. organizing reviewers for the upcoming quarterly exams of my two boys
4. spa / massage with friends =)
5. tons of works ( after all the out of town vacay)
6. made a delightful tuna pasta for the family , cooking was a big deal for me =)

till then..continue to laugh with god for all  unending blessings

p.s thanks to spanish pinay  & michi for tagging for the fire blog award

1 comment:

  1. It certainly has been busy here too and that can be really bad when the temperatures are over 100. It is supposed to get to 104 today so I plan to stay in air conditioning as much as I can. Take care and hurry back.