Saturday, July 9, 2011


ola! just want share my online toy store, it was featured last june, 2010 at people's journal newspaper and smart parenting website. thanks to the complimentary exposure done by anna marie tiangco. the article  was consist of how the physical store start-up and continue to grow until we reaches the high- tech world of online selling. 

for start-up entrepreneurs, here are some words of wisdom to rely on;
  •  be friendly and sincere
  •  be dedicated
  •  be honest
  •  be a responsible seller
  •  be hand-ons on its operation
  •  work as a family
  •  love your business dearly

feel free to drop-by and enjoy  online shopping.

i can laugh with god today, i'm grateful for the wonderful growing business he gave to us


  1. How wonderful to read about your business and thanks for the good advice. Hope you have a wonderful week and hope all in your family are well and happy.

  2. hi odie,have a great week ahead. kisses to kaden and mattie =)