Thursday, July 14, 2011

pucci pups

i used to love dogs since then but from the rapid growth of dog bite cases, i preferred not to own one because our previous dog bit my grandma that's why i develop the concept to be scared of them. although many advances have been made, rabies remains a neglected, preventable, under-reported, and untreatable disease with the highest case fatality rate of any infectious disease.

i still admire their whining, tail-wiggling behavior that's  why i started collecting pucci pups to  fill-in my longingness to have a live one again.

i can laugh with god today: thank you for such organizations that spreading awareness from rabies.


  1. These are cute! I had phobia with dogs too..I was attacked by a dog when I was young... luckly though, I waasn't bitten. But since hubby's parents have a dog and we lived with them for quite some time, I got used to dogs now :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Our little Rocky has enriched our lives so very much and he gives us unconditional love. However, he acts like he will devour anyone who comes to our house that does not live there. He is just being protective. It is so much comfort having him asleep on the recliner with us and even sleeps with my wife and I. Don't give up on them.

  3. Can I have cute!My Mom really love dogs. She owned two big dogs so our family is used to have such canine species in our house and by the may sister is a VET:)

    please font give up with them:) they are lovely to have:)

  4. @ spanish pinay - i cannot recover with fear of dogs until now. goodthing, you had recover.

    @ odie - you are so lucky to have Rocky , i will try to be comfortable with them

    @ sunny toast - lol! lovely indeed! i hope i can comprehend