Saturday, July 9, 2011


what a great sunday morning when someone grabbed you for this sweet morning kisses. i love you alec.

i can laugh with god today for having such a sweet baby . happy sunday everyone! don't forget to attend the liturgy of the eucharist


  1. Hello Lelay and thank you for dropping by my blog. It was fun at Kaden's party. You see Mattie's birthday is at the end of May and at his party Kaden was so upset that he wasn't opening presents. Today it Mattie's turn to be very upset that he wasn't the special one. We are trying to talk his mother, my youngest daughter, to next year have a joint party in June for both of them. I think it would be more enjoyable for everyone. That sure was a sweet kiss to greet your day this morning. You are blessed with loving children. Take care and come back to see me any time.

  2. hi odie i'm one of your follower.i surely love kids and their amusing gestures. joined party ideas was great.thanks for the compliments =)