Wednesday, July 20, 2011

be an earth angel

at home:

off - that's the magic word. switch off the lights whenever you leave any room. turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. turn off the radio whne you're tired of listening and if the crap it croons doesn't sound like music anymore. or have you not heard of noise pollution?

in the community :

scattered garbage is really an eyesore so c'mon, clean your surroundings. segregation of  biodegradable and non- biodegradable trash will be a great idea. gardening and tree planting projects is such a good activity.

in school:

carpool for schoolmates who live in the area would be a help to save gas. nearby school, why not walk?
you can use this daily exercise.
try using your talents in the art club, promote this positive idea to create posters, streamers or flyers dedicated to mother earth.

within yourself:

recycle papers, cards, bags etc. try rechargeable batteries for a change, because batteries that you throw away contain hazardous chemicals that seep into the ground. dispose you garbage properly. use eco-friendly materials.

i can laugh with god today : together let's respect the sanctity of life,
not just ours.

pictures below : my A, together with his montesorrian classmates during "save the earth "program

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  1. Great pictures and very important that we get our children thinking the right way about dealing with recycling.