Saturday, July 30, 2011

teaching hygiene

besides playing an important role in disease prevention, good hygiene promotes self-esteem, responsibility and price in appearance, rewards that will pay off now in the early years and all throughout adolescence and childhood.  why don't you start making a hygiene a part of your children's lives. sharing some tips below.

make it a habit  - routines are the cornerstone of every child's behavior. Instilled in his mind the rituals

make it fun - a dash of humor and fun can make " cleaning -up " more enjoyable

make it safe - child-friendly props help a lot , a step stool near the sink for him to sand on when washing.
test bath water temperature ,  use gentle to eyes shanpoos and mild soaps

reward with words -compliment them by saying " good job " , " great " " i love it ". praise their efforts

try to teach - explain anything you'd want them to know , a good habit, perhaps, lecturing on the value
of personal hygiene and school life

be a role model - what better way to teach your children than doing it yourself. if you practice good hygiene
habits your children will naturally imitate these positive behaviors, making them thei own

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