Tuesday, September 20, 2011

rediscovering reading at booksale

Some books inspire and entertain, while others give fun, relaxation and self-improvement. There are books for every mood, type and stage in life. When you pick up an old book from the booksale, you take a first step in bridging the gaps of culture and people.

Indeed, reading expands your horizon. So don't limit yourself when reading. Treat your kids to the adventure
and time-travel. With a book on hand and a creative mind, who says isn't possible.

Booksale - they make reading affordable. They have 91 stores worldwide so take time to visit and explore it.


  1. nice pictures. naalala ko tuloy pwesto ko nung bumili ko sa booksale, nakasalampak sa floor habang naghahanap ng books sa box na nasa floor. =)

  2. hi Lelay, I used to go to Booksale a lot and im pleased to hear that they are growing strong.
    You're right, reading expands the horizon and takes you to places your feet will never be able to. =)

  3. I agree. Kids should be encouraged to read instead of letting them stay glued to the TV or computer all day long. Its developd their imaginations. =)


  4. hmm matagal na rin akong d nakakabasa ng book hah. kasi puro ebook na. mas masarap pa rin yung paper no?

  5. @ michi - hahaha! sarap mag book-hunt di ba
    @ kristeta - fave tambayan namin to
    @ average jane - absolutely right!
    @ rome - pag kids kasi enjoy sa colorful books, at ang bango kaya ng bagong books =)