Sunday, September 4, 2011

milkita lollipops

Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Mechanics

Hi everyone!!! Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Promo.
Please check out the New Mechanics for our Milkita Kiddie Birthday Treat Program, effective immediately.This promo is open to all kids nationwide (Philippines).

for more details  visit :!/pages/Milkita-Lollipops/265202556800?sk=info
join now =)


  1. I am sure the kids will love them.

  2. Uy ngayun ko lang nakita to a! Healthy lollipops na ma eenjoy ng mga bata. Mahilig sa lollipops mga nieces ko kaya lang di namn nila inuubos. hehehe!

  3. @ odie - healthy sweet treats
    @ anney - try it..may chewy candies din sila and join na din the bday promo =)

  4. anak ko ang tagal kumain ng lollipop, hehe! btw, i've tagged you on these post.

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