Friday, September 16, 2011

a good conversationalist

here are some pointers which can help you deal with just about anyboby and become a good convertsationalist

  1. be interested - in what's going on , being talked about and what he's doing
  2. be friendly - avoid being critical of the persons present or be sarcastic about contributions
  3. be good-humored- smile. make it an interested, firendly smile. show your good feelings in the way you say things
  4. be animated yet relaxed - you're alive, so let your face and gesture show it
  5. be flexible - topic change and people and moods. a good conversationalist changes with them
  6. be tactful- follow that old adage, think before you speak, that is the essence of tactfulness
  7. be courteous - don' forget your good manners and be considerate of others. most people remember you for your mistakes than for your kindness

high school reunion planning


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  1. Wow! May reunion pala kayo! Masaya yan!

  2. @ anney - yes after 15 years..hahaha!