Sunday, November 13, 2011

gonuts donuts

2nd stop in our educational tour was Gonuts Donuts Factory,  The doughnuts of Go Nuts Donuts have been made almost in a similar style as those from Krispy Kreme. They're referred to as less sweet, but larger and last a longer period. The kids had a Magical Tour , a  guided 30-minute tour of the entire donut making process and afterwards they were given an activity to design their own donuts.


  1. Didn't know go nuts was larger than krispy Kremes. Hmmm...

  2. Huwaaat? Hindi kaya. Mas matamis ang Go Nuts Donuts! Pero di pa ako nakakatikim ng Krispy Kreme from Pinas so don't take my word hahaha.

    Happy New Year, Lelay!

  3. Nung wala pang Krispy Kreme dito satin yan ang madalas naming bilhin na donut pero ngayon mas fave ko na ang krispy kreme lalo na yung glazed donut nila.