Thursday, June 16, 2011

laugh with GOD today

It took me only half of the day to finished this book. The title itself was intriguing right? Definitely, all of us wants to LAUGH WITH GOD. But how??? , the first thing came into my mind is HOW? As I go through the pages, i realized so may things, so many blessings instead. Little blessings that sometimes we just ignored it.

In every stories, I choose to reflect on a deeper meaning of it aside from the bonus that it makes me laugh =)

The most touching story for me was " Wag mo na yang Gisingin , LORD"
In fact, I shared it my sons ( 10 & 5 yrs old ). Every morning I make them realized that JESUS was the one whose wakening them, be grateful for every wonderful morning that arises and welcome it with a SMILE.

Brother Michael approach was hilarious, funny yet fruitful with the word of GOD.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, hope you would take time to LAUGH with GOD soon.
God bless us all!

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